Please note I am a controversial speaker. I do this not to upset people but to make them think outside of the box. If you want to have me at an event, please be sure that your audience have the capacity to think outside of the box.

Interested in me writing for your publication?
I am an expert and I write from the position of having an informed knowledge about my topics based on years of lived experience and research. That means that my writing is not for free. Before you approach me to write for you, please think of my fee in your planning and budgeting stages. I will not write for free in whatever capacity.

Interested in having me on your radio and television show?
I will not be appearing on television and radio shows without appearance fee. I am an expert in my field and like every expert; I deserve to have my time and opinion paid for.

Interested in having me as a speaker at your event?
Over the years I have done many speaking gigs without being paid, henceforth, I will not be speaking at events or on panels or anything related to it without payment. So before you book me, plan within your budget my speaking fee. If the event is in London, please include transportation fee. If it is outside of London, please include transport, hotel and feeding.

Are you from a university?
I no longer accepting unpaid request(s) from universities to speak and this include events by students’ union, clubs and societies, faculties, departments and others.

Diversity is a MUST!
I am very passionate about diversity and intersectionality. I will not speak on a panel that is predominately male or CIS. I operate on a policy of every view counts. To have me on a panel, it has to reflect the reality of the topic and the world we live in.

Inviting me to be part of a campaign or advert
I welcome the opportunity to speak for campaign(s), however, if your campaign violates the basic principles of Human Rights and dignity, I will say NO. I will not be endorsing or promoting campaigns for free anymore.

Interested in me contributing to your dissertation/research/academic project?
Due to the frequency of these requests, I can’t commit. Sorry!

Ways to book Bisi Alimi

You can book Bisi Alimi directly through

You can go through his agencies

1- Fresh Speakers (US engagement)

2- Red Speaker (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

3- W Communication (UK and the rest of the world)