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Bisi Alimi is a public speaker, a storyteller, a social and political commentator and a trained actor and campaigner. He is also a brand ambassador and dinner party speaker.

If you have any jobs for him outside of these areas, please email bookbisi@bisialimi.com for more information

Interested in me writing for your publication?

I write op-ed and commentaries for news outlet. As a principle, I do not write for free unless otherwise agreed to.

Interested in having me as a speaker at your event?

I am a public speaker and a storytelling. I also speak at dinner parties to raise funds for charities. However, I do not speak for free, unless on exceptional cases. The team at Bisi Alimi Consultancy will take that decision.

Are you from a university?

I no longer accept unpaid request(s)  from universities to speak and this includes events by student’s union, clubs and societies, faculties, departments and others, unless on exceptional cases, the team at Bisi Alimi Consultancy will take that decision.

Inviting me to be part of a campaign or advert

I welcome the opportunity to speak for campaign(s), however, if your campaign violates the basic principles of Human Rights and dignity, I will say NO. The decision to endorse or front a campaign for free will be taken by the team at Bisi Alimi Consultancy.

Interested in me contributing to your dissertation/research/academic project?

Due to the frequency of these requests, I can’t commit. Sorry!

Ways to book Bisi Alimi

You can book Bisi Alimi directly through bookbisi@bisialimi.com

You can go through his agencies

1- Fresh Speakers (US engagement)
2- Red Speaker (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
3- W Communication (UK and the rest of the world)