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‘Bisi Alimi is a knowledgeable and inspiring speaker and activist, with the capacity to motivate people and get things done. He was the invited keynote speaker at a workshop on Postcolonial Sexualities, which took place at Sheffield University in November 2012. His speech launched and informed a series of productive and engaging discussions, which have developed into practical and research projects”. — Professor Richard Phillips, University of Sheffield’

“Bisi Alimi was an invited speaker at Gaycon 2012, Scotland’s national conference on gay men’s sexual health and wellbeing. Bisi’s presentation described the Migrant African MSM sexual health project in London and reported on findings from a study conducted with this group. Conference delegates described the presentation as stimulating and challenging. Bisi highlighted the need for a better and more inclusive sexual health program for MSM with improved consideration for the needs of groups that are more at risk but with little or limited access to mainstream services. As Chair of Gaycon 2012 I very much appreciated Bisi’s presentation and his input to other sessions at the conference and look forward to working with him again this year” — Steve O’Donnell Chair, Gaycon

“Bisi came to our attention as one of the directors of Kaleidoscope Trust and has subsequently become a regular contributor for Gay Star News. We value his perspective as a columnist, particularly his expertise in African LGBT communities, asylum and human rights in general. He has been an excellent source of advice and information on a range of issues, as a GSN contributor, as part of Kaleidoscope Trust and as a human rights campaigner. I am happy to recommend Bisi to anyone who needs his expertise and insight”. Tris Reid-Smith, editor and director, Gay Star News